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I’m home Trisha. Edward called me “Dad”. Though there was a “good-for-nothing” in front of it. I always thought that it would be backbreaking to continue living longer than everyone else. But by meeting you and our sons,  I was able to truly appreciate the fact that I was alive, from the bottom of my heart. It was a fulfilling life. Yeah..it was more than enough. Thank you, Trisha. But somehow, I still want to live…I really am a good-for-nothing..

“Your hands… were not made to kill, were made to save.” 

this is what you so desperately wanted, isn’t it?

this is what you so desperately wanted, isn’t it?


The Seven Deadly Sins



wow look who it is #it’s alex louis motherfucking armstrong #let me tell you he is one badass motherfucker #do you see those sparkles? #fabulous. #do you SEE those muscles? #those muscles have been passed down the armstrong line for generations bitch #GENERATIONS #you’d better not get in a fight with alex louis armstrong unless you want your ass kicked by his strong arm alchemy #that shit is excellent AND elegant #oh and he’s not just a badass he’s talented #alex louis armstrong can draw you a better portrait than davinci with his eyes closed #that’s right #oh and if you thought he was mean you better think again #alex louis armstrong is a kind compassionate fucking soul #also he’s loyal as fuck #he will hug the SHIT out of you #and you’ll love it #fuck #yeah

this. oh my gosh this.